About us

Welcome to GAFFOS.COM - Where Style Meets Simplicity

At GAFFOS.COM, we've built our brand on the belief that looking great should be a breeze, budget-friendly, and most importantly, enjoyable. We're all about making your journey through the world of authentic eyewear as smooth as can be. Our mission? To ensure that every single one of our customers walks away with a shopping experience like no other, from the moment they click to the minute their order ships. Our goal is simple: 100% satisfaction, every single time.

Speedy Deliveries, Always

Here at GAFFOS.COM, we're all about quick turnarounds. While many eyewear websites keep you waiting, we're committed to shipping your order within 1 business day for the majority of our products. The secret? We keep a stock of every item we offer. You can rest assured that our products are 100% authentic - no questions asked.

Say Goodbye to Optical Stores

With GAFFOS.COM, there's no need to set foot in an optical store ever again. Order your glasses, try them on in the comfort of your home, and if they don't quite fit the bill, send them back for free.

Direct from the Source

Everything we sell comes directly from the manufacturer, so authenticity and origin are never in question. GAFFOS.COM was born from one of the top eyewear distributors in the United States, boasting over 30 years of experience. Our secret sauce? Combining a sharp eye for style with impeccable purchasing expertise.

Meet Our Expert Squad

At GAFFOS.COM, our entire team is immersed in our customer-centric culture. Each member of our customer service team is extensively trained and possesses comprehensive knowledge across all styles, features, and disciplines. We're not just here to sell eyewear; we're here to make your eyewear journey extraordinary.