Tom Ford James Bond Sunglasses

The franchise James Bond is renewed with a new blockbuster movie. ’Skyfall’ is the name of the new movie in this long living series for which we waited over a year due to the bankruptcy of the previous films producers MGM studios. Perhaps it is just fate, as this means that the film will be out fifty years after the first premiere of ‘Dr. No’, the first James Bond film ever made. The new adventures of James Bond, who will be once again impersonated by Daniel Craig, will take him to Shanghai, Istanbul and Scotland, and all that in order to defeat the villain played by Javier Bardem.
James Bond films are famous (among other things) for shooting in exotic locations, but in Skyfall the famous agent 007 returns home – on the streets of London, and as Mendes adds – in the new Bond will be discovered parts of the city that have never been shown on the big screen.
Daniel Craig for the third time as James Bond wears Tom Ford while saying the famous “Bond, James Bond” phrase. Besides him the main roles are played by the Oscar winners Javier Bardem, and Judi Dench and the Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes.

Tom Ford Marko TF 144 14X Light Ruthenium Black Aviator Metal Sunglasses


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In Skyfall, Daniel Craig (James Bond) while shooting a chase scene is wearing a classy Tom Ford suit covered in dust, and a pair of Tom Ford 144 18v sunglasses.

The TF 144 Marko is similar to the older TF 108 James Bond sunglasses, however the new version is a lot nicer, as the older TF 108 seemed more fancy. Both sunglasses are aviator style, while TF 144 Marko is more casual looking, but still flashy without overdoing it.
The TF 144 Marko Sunglasses are characterized with the classic Aviator style with Silver Temples and Blue Polarized Lens. The sunglasses are available at In addition, there is only one size available, however you can visit your local glasses center and ask them to adjust the width of the temples to get that perfect fit.