Ray Ban Aviator Vs. Eveyone Else Ol’ Faithful

For over 60+ years many have tried to imitate but few have succeed in duplicating the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses (which are generally model RB3025). The Ray Ban aviator singularly changed the landscape of sunglasses. As with most products we use in everyday life the aviator was produced strictly for military use. Oh how far we’ve come! There is almost no fashion house, Prada, Dolce even Tom Ford, that has not make a bold attempt to oust our beloved Ray Ban aviator from the top of the heap, and in my humble but correct option no one has come close.

I hate when people refer to my Ray Ban’s as vintage, (yes they were originally my fathers who purchased these in the 1970′s and in pristine condition). The Ray Ban Aviator was never out. It is one of those true fashion phenoms that has stood the test of time. So I feel it appropriate that my first blog entry on the gaffos.com blog spot, should be dedicated to the pair of sunglasses for which if it never invented I wold probably not have a job. So I dedicate this to my my young 8 years old niece who think Jennifer Aniston and Ashton Kutcher started the aviator trend.

Time Line





Ok couldn’t fine anything from the 70′s a decade we would probably rather forget anyway.