How to find the right size when buying glasses

Have you ever wanted to buy a pair of glasses online, but you were not sure what size would fit you best?

What Size Frame Do You Wear?

It is quite important to determine the size of your eyes before you buy a pair of frames.

Glasses sizes have three values, size of the frame, bridge, and the temple, usually in this format  52-14-145. This is the frame’s measurements in millimeters for lens diameter, bridge, and temple, respectively. Use these numbers as a guideline for your ideal frame size. Remember that your measurements don’t have to be exact. Let’s say your old glasses measure 52-14-145:

Eye size is basically the horizontal width of one of the frame’s lenses in millimeters.
Bridge Size is the distance in millimeters between two lenses. You can measure bridge size by taking the two closest points between the lenses
Temple Size is the length of your temple from one side to another, which includes the bend that sits on your ears.

Each of our frames have its measurements listed and is categorized by overall size. Our recommendation for different eye sizes are:

Small Eye Sizes : 40-48 mm Medium Eye Sizes : 49-54 mm Large Eye Sizes : 55-58 mm Extra Large : 58 mm and above


Hold a ruler in your hand, and look at the mirror.
Now position it across the temple according to the illustration at the side.
You may use a pencil/pen to help position each ear.
Measure the distance between your left and right temple in inches.
Use the method below to convert your measurement to frame size.
Remember to order a frame in size +/-3 of your size