How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

A short descriptive guide on picking up sunglasses that suit your face shape

It is very important to choose the perfect sunglasses. No matter whether they are with prescription or not, further in this article we will give you advice on how to choose sunglasses according to the shape of your face and therefore to match and fit you the best. Besides the fact that sunglasses needs to be functional, they must satisfy several criteria.

  • Rims should not touch the cheekbones.
  • The handles of the sunglasses must not cleave the sides of the head and must be resting comfortably on your ears.
  • The width of the sunglasses should match the width of your face.
  • If you have an oval shaped head, you can choose almost any shape of glasses without the risk that they will not suit you well.
  • In case your face is round, reach for the rectangular models of glasses.For a square face shape, you should soften your sharp facial features with oval glasses.
  • For persons with a longer nose, choose sunglasses that have highlighted bridge to shorten it visually.
  • If you have light skin, frames in bright colors will best suit you: blue, red, green, purple …
  • Avoid black color, while the red color can make you look more relaxed, fresher and younger.

Once you have mastered the practical requirements, the next thing to do when buying sunglasses is to decide what they would say about you. If your motive is just blindly following trends and to attract attention, the logical method would be to take a catalog and see what the most famous models in men’s sunglasses – George Clooney, David Beckham and Bruce Willis are wearing.

If your choice is still buying glasses that fit your face shape and style, then you will spend a little more time in the browsing the store. In any case, have a consultation with sales representative, but keep in mind that small frames do not match with long or pudgy face, and big frames do not fit the small, thin faces, unless you’re a fan of the popular over-sized models. Certainly another inevitable trend under which influence is easy to fall is the vintage or retro, the revival of the spirit of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s.

And is there an easier way to get a retro look than buying retro sunglasses? Tom Ford, Gucci, Valentino, Prada and Emporio Armani offer a bunch of great retro models, but certainly the leader is Ray Ban, the timeless classics of iconic brands, king of all the glasses. Their immortalWayfarer and Aviator models actually never came out of the trend.

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