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Vintage Prada Shades for a Contemporary Look

Prada has always been a synonym for style, often anticipating and dictating aesthetic standards in a variety of contexts. The combination of an innovative approach and strong tradition of craftsmanship constitute the quality that Prada is famous for. Thah’s secret method that is applied in every part of the production process, from design to selection of materials, from production to sale and from advertising campaigns to communication strategies.

The New collections of sunglasses featuring Prada 17OS are characterized by large soft shapes, but also with new details contributing to the evolution of the classic Prada eyewear.
Classy and contemporary, combined with comfort and a hint of cat-eye inspiration are the key labels of this vintage style Prada sunglasses.

Prada PR 17OS 1AB0A7 – Shiny Black

Prada PR 17OS JAW6S1

Prada PR 17OS FAL1Z1

If you are looking for a cat eye frames which are not very excessive, then Prada PR 17OS are definitely the most suitable choice as they are extremely comfortable and look fantastic with just about any wardrobe. 17OS are definitely one of the more gratifying Prada frames for this season. Keep in mind that if Miranda Kerr loves them than the rest of us will surely adore them!

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Prada PR 17OS FAL1Z1 Dark Havana On Opal Yellow High Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses Brown Lens


Prada PR 17OS JAW6S1 Lace Sand High Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses Brown Lens


Prada PR 17OS 2AU3O1 Tortoise High Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses Green Lens


Prada PR 17OS 4BW6S1 Tortoise Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses Brown Lens