Fall 2012 Sunglasses Trends

Sunglasses are indispensable fashion accessory as they do not only complement your fall styling, but they are also necessary to protect your eyes from the autumn sunshine.

The sun sends rays on earth that are invisible to our eyes – Infrared (IR), thermal and short-wave ultraviolet radiation (UV). On the way to Earth the ozone layer serves as a barrier to harmful UV radiation. Unfortunately, it is becoming thinner and thinner while ozone holes are getting bigger and bigger each year. There are three types of UV radiation: UV-C, which is not dangerous to the human eye, while UV-B and UV-A impair the health of our eyes.

When buying sunglasses, special attention should be paid to the degree of protection they offer. The mere darkened lenses are simply not enough. If you wear tinted sunglasses without ultraviolet filters the pupils in the eye adapt to the reduced light intensity and spread. Generally, the emphasis must be put on protecting the eyes.Customers are increasingly looking for sunglasses with polarizing filters that along with the standard protection have also glare protection. Its advisable to wear sunglasses during the sunny day until dusk, when sunglasses should be avoided because they reduce the visibility.

Which sunglasses are going to be Hit this fall season?

While buying sunglasses in addition to the quality a lot of attention should be put on their design. This fall season, the retro models take us back to the good old days.

Most prevailing are the over-sized models, in various patterns and unusual shapes, all inspired by the fashion trends of the past. Most popular collections for Fall 2012 are the legendary Ray Ban and Persol sunglasses.

Persol Small Steve Mcqueen PO 3028S 24/57 Havana Round Plastic Sunglasses

Was: $239.99

$209.99 13%OFF

Persol Small Steve Mcqueen PO 3028S 24/31 Dark Havana Round Plastic Sunglasses


Persol PO 2953 95/58 Shiny Black Square Plastic Sunglasses


Persol Small Steve Mcqueen PO 3028S 95/S3 Shiny Black Round Plastic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban RB 2140 901 Shiny Black Wayfarer Plastic Sunglasses-47mm


Original shapes dominate the collections of the leading sunglasses manufacturers. Fashion designers have incorporated the shape into totally retro styling, or into a provocative shape that stands out from the whole combination. Celebrities like Beyonce are very fond of the popular Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer, the model that Emma Stone was wearing in “Easy A”

The indispensable models this fall are colorful sunglasses with striking colors that prevail in most of the famous brands of Ray Ban RB2140 Multicolored Original Wayfarer. Marion Cotillard is one of the celebrities that loves to wear this model.

Ray-Ban RB 2140 10853F 3D Block Multicolored Wayfarer Plastic Sunglasses


When the shape of the frame comes into question, choose the one that suits your facial features, please refer to our previous blog “How to Choose the Right Sunglasses” for reference. Do not always stick to your favorite brand but try something new. You might be surprised how good it may look on you. If you are not sure which brand to choose, consult the dealer. Remember, quality and trendy sunglasses wraps any fall styling and give it a fashionable finishing touch.